Comchip Technology Co. Ltd.
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Diotec Semiconductor

Standard Rectifier - Fast Rectifier Schottky Diode - High-Voltage Rectifier Bridge Rectifier

Cal-Chip Electronics Inc.
SMD Capacitors (Tantalum- & Ceramic-Capacitors) - SMD Resistance & Resistance-Network ICs - Chip Induktores & Chokes

Daco Semiconductor CO. Ltd.
High Power Diodes rectifier-modules - High Power Schottky Rectifiers - High Power Low VF Schottky Rectifiers - High Power Super Fast Recovery Rectifiers  - High Power Standard Recovery Rectifiers  - Three-Phase-Bridges

CEC Panda Crystal Technology Corporation
Established in 1993, CEC Panda Crystal Technology Corporation (CEC Xtal) is the largest Chinese manufacturer of quartz-based timing devices. CEC Panda Crystal Technology Corporation manufacture and market over 700 million crystal resonators, clock oscillators, TCXO, VCXO, OCXO and monolithic quartz filters in three facilities strategically located in the most economically dynamic regions in China: Shen Zhen, Shanghai and Beijing.