Passive Components

Passive Components

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Anpec Electronics Corp.
Boost Converter - Buck Controller - Buck Converter - White LED Driver - Single Output LDO Regulator - DDR Termination Regulator - LDO Regulator Controller - Daul Output LDO Regulator - Power Switch - USB Switch - Power Distribution Controller - Analog Switch - LCD Bias Converter - Speaker Amlifier - Headphone Amplifier - Digital Input Audio Amplifier - Battery Charger - Linear Charger - Switching Charger - Battery Protection IC - Voltage Supervisor - Hall Effect ICs

Sinopower Semiconductor Inc.


BrightKing Inc.
Leading supplier of MOV, TVS, GDT, SPG, PPTC, ESD, TSS protection devices, also offers combinations of devices for custom designs that meet safety requirements for many different applications.


AiSHi Hunan Aihua Group LTD
All types of capacitors